Core Ideology
Dr. P. N. Singh, born in a small village called Ganj, situated around thirty kilometres from Chapra, has grown from a small town boy to a force to reckon with in the field of HRD. He is Chairman of Grid Consultants Pvt. Ltd., the Indian partner of Grid International Inc. USA. He has headed HRD set-ups in Voltas, A V Birla Group and has been Group Director – HRD of the Mehta and Duncan-Goenka Groups. His stories lead many to believe that your efforts will bear fruit no matter what. His autobiography, “From Bullock-Cart to Mercedes Benz” has been extremely popular and is soon going to its 4th Edition.

It is his belief that one should work in two areas in their lives, Karmabhoomi, the place where you work and earn your living and Janmabhoomi, the place where you were born. With this belief in mind, he set up the two charitable ventures, Dr. P. N. Singh Foundation for the Karmabhoomi and Shri Bishwanath Singh Memorial Educational & Welfare Trust for the Janmabhoomi.

Shri Bishwanath Singh Memorial Educational and Welfare Trust, established to perpetuate the memory of Late Bishwanath Singh, father of Dr. P. N. Singh. It has taken up community development in a large way. We have launched projects in various fields such as Education, Library Resource, Water Conservation, Vocational Training and Housing for the poor.

It is a well documented fact that, in India about 70% of people live in more than 550,000 villages. Being an agrarian economy, there is a large pool of people who remain idle during the non-harvesting months in the year. Having no prior knowledge or experience in the various opportunities available in today’s economy, most youngsters are compelled to follow their parents.

It is our endeavour to ensure that the children, women and men in the village have outlets for their talents and are trained in skills which enhance their value.

Through the ages, thinkers and philosophers have tried to define that elusive concept called leadership. We believe that leaders can create themselves, through learning. Leaders learn from everything – their circumstances, from their experiences and from their formal education. Unfortunately, a conventional education usually trains people to become followers rather than leaders, to obey instead of question, to compete instead of inspire. In the traditional view, there can be only a handful of leaders, and many must lose so that a few can win. We believe, instead, that the world actually needs many, many more leaders than it is able to produce today. Also, tomorrow’s leaders must be drawn from all classes and walks of life, to provide the diversity and depth to deal with modern challenges.
Initiation of our Janmabhoomi-Karmabhoomi Abhiyaan, (l-r) Ms. Rachita Mehra, Nimone Shantaram, Mr. Shailesh Haribhakti, Mr. B. N. Singh (Managing Director, Alkem Laboraties),
Prof. P. V. Ramana (Chairman, ITM Group), Dr. N. M. Kondap (Vice-Chancellor, NMIMS University),
Dr. P. N. Singh and Krish Shantaram