Dr. P. N. Singh, born and brought up in rural Bihar, has grown from a small town boy to a force to reckon with as a Chairman of an HR Consultancy firm, Grid Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Singh initiated Janmabhoomi-Karmabhoomi Abhiyan. His belief is that you must contribute for the upliftment of Karmabhoomi, the place where you work and earn your living, and Janmabhoomi, where you were born.

Dr. P. N. Singh Foundation was set up in the year 1997, with an initiative to work in Mumbai and enrich the lives of the poor and meritorious students, taking them to newer heights.

It is our vision to train 100,000 leaders by the year 2020. We plan to take this project to 400 schools in the whole of Asia.