Our Progress
We have expanded our project from one to 46 schools in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai, and 4 schools in Jalgaon. The project is being expanded to whole of Asia now.

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Course Curriculum : The course curriculum of the Leaders of Tomorrow Project is:
  1 Self Esteem (3 Sessions): Understanding the importance of self-esteem and self-image. Learning action-oriented techniques for enhancing self-esteem on a daily basis.
  2 Habit (2 Sessions): Inculcating productive habits by consciously imbibing them into the daily schedule and eliminating the unproductive ones by recognizing them.
  3 Concentration (3 Sessions): Eliminating mind wandering, improving the power of Mental Focus by way of various exercises for the mind, such as meditation, focusing on a single dot and observing the flame of a candle at a distance.
  4 Memory Development (5 Sessions): Remembering long notes, formulae, difficult words, historical dates, maps, diagrams and numbers through practices such as revisions, making charts and placing them at strategic location to ensure that they stay in the regular eye-span
  5 Speed Reading (3 Sessions): Learning techniques to read fast without losing on comprehension.
  6 Communication (8 Sessions): Public Speaking, internal & external communication, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Importance of body language & influencing people.
  7 Creativity (2 Sessions): Activating inherent creativity to generate new ideas and solve problem.
  8 Goal Setting (2 Sessions): Understanding the importance of goal-setting & developing the habit of goal setting & taking action to achieve their goals.
  9 Time Management (2 Sessions): Creating awareness about the values of time, using time effectively to produce results.
  10 Attitude (2 Session): Programming to maintain a positive mental attitude in adversity
  11 Values & Benefits (2 Sessions): Understanding the power of belief, identifying limiting beliefs and eliminating them.
  12 Stress Management (2 Sessions): Importance of relaxation & discipline, yoga, managing emotions, effectively coping with day-to-day stress.
  13 Mind Control (2 Sessions): Encouraging the use of both the left & right brain, success conditioning, using creative visualization to design their life.
  14 Social Behavior (2 Sessions): Communal harmony, environmental education, human sexuality, gender sexuality, alcohol and drug abuse, fighting against social evils like Corruption, etc.
India Scholar Award :Mr. Fidel Ramos, former president of the Philippines launched our Foundation’s India Scholar Awards on 16th January, 2006. It was an extension of our Leaders of Tomorrow project. It was felt that poorest of the poor from these students selected on the basis of merit should be provided financial assistance to pursue their studies. Thirty-two students were selected for the India Scholar Awards, under which all educational expenses (tuition fees, books, uniforms etc) were reimbursed by the foundation.
Mr. Fidel Ramos, former president of the Philippines handing the India Scholar Awards on 16th January, 2006

They have to ensure they continue to score more than 60% marks. Mr. Ramos personally handed over the awards. He shook hands with each one of them. He was very happy with what we were doing. On his return, he wrote to president of the Philippines about this event. In the year 2007, we awarded 64 students. In the year 2008, we have awarded 105 well-deserving students. We reimburse their education expenses such as tuition fees, books, uniforms, etc.

ITM has consistently been giving us all support including financial in the Leaders of Tomorrow project for the past 9 years. From last year they have also started giving scholarships to students, in 2006 they gave the scholarship to one student, In 2007 they’ve increased it to two, and in 2008, they have awarded 3. Totally we have now 6 ITM-India Scholar Awardees. They promise to increase it every year by one, till it reaches a number of 10. These scholarships are not only limited to the student’s graduation but are for their entire education in India. ITM has been of immense support for both, our Leaders of Tomorrow project and the India Scholar Award.

Prof. P. V. Ramana, Chairman ITM Group handing over the ITM-India Scholar Awards 2008 to Ms. Dakshata Brid, Ms. Pooja Jori, Ms. Sana Farukhi


We want to take this figure to 1,000 with the support of individuals, organisations and institutions.

We have already trained over 6,000 students through our ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ Project, we plan to take this figure to 100,000 by 2020.

Names of Scholars :

This year, we have awarded 105 students with the India Scholar Award.

The ITM-India Scholar Awardees are:
1. Ms. Pooja Jori
2. Ms. Sana Farukhi
3. Ms. Dakshata Brid
4. Ms. Yogita Parab
5. Master Jigar Chudasma
6. Ms. Priyanka Todkar

Every year, we conduct an Elocution Competition for our Leaders of Tomorrow Project students. This year, we also conducted a Musical Instrument Competition and Dance Competition in addition to the Elocution Competition. The award winners also got the opportunity to perform at our 10th Annual Convention on Leadership held at Nehru Centre on the 19th of November, 2008.

The students of the Leaders of Tomorrow Project are awarded certificates on the successful completion of the course. Students with 80% attendance are awarded these certificates.