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Our Publications
Self Development for Sure Success (3000 copies already sold) Edited by Dr.P.N.Singh

This book is a compilation of articles authored by various personalities who have made their mark in various fields such as Management, Education, Corporates, etc. Full of personal experiences, lessons for life and values,
this book provides what most miss out on;examples to develop ourselves to achieve our fullest potential.

Priced at Rs. 290/- per copy, this book is now available against a donation of Rs. 200/- per copy for bulk
orders of 5 copies and more!

Articles contributed by:
  • Peter F. Drucker
  • Sharu Rangnekar
  • Walter Vieira
  • T.V.Ramchandani
  • R.S.S. Mani
  • Prakash Tondon
  • Anita Shantaram
  • P.N. Singh
  • R.Gopalkrishnan
  • Roshan Joseph
  • Rajiv Kumar Luv
  • J.J. Irani
  • P.V. Ramana
The Sermon of the Lord
By Baburao Patel, the legendary journalist of yesteryears (Editor of filmindia & Mother India)

Priced at Rs.150/- per copy, available to devotees against a donation of Rs.100/- per copy For bulk orders for 5 copies and more !!

  • Arjuna's Spell of Dejection
  • Doctrine of Enlightenment
  • Doctrine of Duty
  • Doctrine of Wisdom
  • Doctrine of Renunciation
  • Doctrine of Self-discipline
  • Man's Divine Origin
  • The Cosmic Evolution
  • Doctrine of Sovereign Knowledge
  • Doctrine of Divine Manifestation
  • The Cosmic Vision
  • Doctrine of Devotion
  • Spirit and Matter
  • Inherent Nature of Man
  • The Supreme Self
  • The Divine and the Devilish
  • The Threefold Faith
  • Doctrine of Liberation
We publish the Self Development Magazine every year. This magazine contains articles written by our regular contributors such as Mr. Sharu Rangnekar, Mr. Walter Vieira, Mr. Pradeep Shah. Our In-House contributors, Dr. P. N. Singh, Ms. Anita Shantaram, Ms. Sunita Chugh share their thoughts on Leadership, Self Development and the essential qualities required to succeed today.

This magazine also captures the images of our activities as we progress from strength to strength every year. You can get a free copy of this magazine every year by becoming our Self Development Network Member! Click here for more details.
Alternatively, this magazine is available against a donation of Rs. 40/- per copy. You can contact us for more details.
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